MODELS: JA-BW-34, JA-BW-42, JA-BW-60

Field of Application
Air-conditioning units, ventilating systems, pray booths etc...
Media Polyseter-Tangle
Fleece Compressed on air outlet side. The media also called as synthetic filters.

Special Sizes
Special sizes to any dimensions are available to client's own requirements using the same construction methods and media.

The media will be of synthetic type as per the requirement. A heavy duty corrosion resistance galvanized m.s steel frame encloses the full pocket assembly. Available in 20 mm and 25mm depths. Each pocket is also supported at the throat with corrosion resistant metal clips. A polyurethane from seal is inserted in the frame to form an air tight joint with the media. The layers of media in each pocket are provided with nylon attachments & washers to limit the swilling of the bags due to air movement.

A- Synthetic Fiber Media
B- Double Stitch For Security
C- Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistance Frame
D- Polyurethane Foam Seal
E- Nylon Attachments With Fabric Washer

Models JA - BW - 26 JA - BW - 34 JA- BW - 42 JA- BW - 60
Media Type Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic with Backing
Media Model Synfasan - U - 15 Synfasan - U - 25 T Synfasan - U - 29 B Synfasan - C2
Ay. Synthetic Dust Weight Arrestance 84% 87% 92% 90%
Filter Grade EU 3 EU 3 EU 4 EU 5
Average Atmospheric Dust Spot EFF 26% 34% 42% 60%
Nominal Air Volume 3400 CUBMT/HR 3400 CUBMT/HR 3400 CUBMT/HR 3400 CUBMT/HR
Initial Pressure Drop 35 Pascals 45 Pascals 55 Pascals 30 Pascals-
Final Recommended Pressure Up 200 Pascals 200 Pascals 200 Pascals 350 Pascals
Temperature Stability 100 ° C 100 ° C 100 ° C 100 ° C