General Description :

JESAIR bag filters are based on the latest development of Nonvowen micro fiber technology. In a special vauum process, continuous polypropylene micro fibers in the range of 0.3 to 10 micron are laid on a coloured carrier.

Depending on the thickness of the micro filter layer and the distribution of the varying diameter fibers, different grades of Arrestance and Efficiency are achieved.

To maximize Dust Holding Capacity the micro JASB filter may be combined with a suitable pre-filter. The resulting dust holding capacity is comparable or even betters then the capacity of similar fiberglass media

Filter medium synthetic type 270 × Amplification

Pre-filter Polypropylene

The picture shows the structure of the prefilter and micro-fine filter of propylene fibers.

The pockets are manufactured using ultrasonic welding.

  Filter Media Color Code EU- class
65 polypropylene Green 6
85 polypropylene Pink 7
95 polypropylene Yellow 8

Advantage in Comparison to Stitched Filters:

No holes in the material caused by the stitching.
Higher strength and stability of the filters.
More security during operation time.

Bag Filter Classification
Table acc. EUROVENT DIN 24185/ EN 779
Filter Class Average Arrestance AM Average Efficiency Em Filter Class Eurovent
F6 (98) 60 > E > 80 EU-6
F7 ( < 99) 80 > E > 90 EU-7
F8 ( < 99) 90 > E > 95 EU-8

Particle Sizes Micron

JASB bag filters are manufactured from super fine polypropylene fibers of mixed fiber diameter. All seams on the pocket are ultrasonically welded and not stitched.

The intermediate welding on the pocket is positioned to ensure minimum airflow resistance. The filter media has the coarse fibers on the upstream side of media and the finer fibers on the down stream.

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