We are the suppliers of Mini-pleat Rigid frame filters of 65%, 85% and 95%efficiency having F6, F7 , F9 Grade in fiber glass natural media.

≥ 65% (F6)
≥ 85% (F7)
≥ 95% (F9)

Technical Characteristics

Media : Glass fiber paper
Separators : Cotton treads with hot melt gluing
Sealant : Two components cold moulded polyurethane
Frame : full plastic
Temperature : 80 ° C max.
Relative Humidity : 100% max.
Fire resistance : This filter can incinerated without the emission of toxic gases and dusts in town incinerators.

Typical Applications

Medium and high efficiency air filtration in reduced dimensions and high flow filtering unit. Thanks to its construction and high filtering surface the mini pleat filters have a longer clogging time than standard flat pockets moreover there is no risk of loss of clogged dusts, as well as glass fibers.


  • Strong and rigid construction that permits an easy and quick installation.
  • Compact project with reduced volume ( 292 mm width, 25 mm flange ).
  • Increasing efficiency during the utilization.
  • Recommended final pressure drop ≥ 600Pa.
  • High filtering surface and long clogging time.