Brilliant Paintwork and maximum security

The air filtration must be perfect not only to give maximum security and hygienic conditions to the staff, but also to guarantee perfect results as required. For example in the car, body industry where the paint works must be perfectly smooth.
Therefore, besides sound equipment, suitable paint, efficient plant and adequate working techniques, the right filters are also needed to supply dust-free air without any particles which can ruin the paint=work. In these processes, both in the pre-filtration stage and roof filters, model 6/50JA series ensures the best possible result.

Model : 6/50JA (roof filter)

This filter have been designed on the basis of several years of experience and reliable base material i.e. synthetic fibers, non woven cloth etc.

Filtering panel made from thermo bounded polyester fibers progressively structured, with polyester net on air leaving side. High efficiency filters are used chiefly on the roofs of the paint-spray booths where it is also necessary to distribute the air as evenly and regularly as possible. In order to prevent paint pigments from being charged from the booths, Model 6/50JA has included in its range fiberglass paint shop.Its fiber and structure let the residual particles of paint penetrate deeply into the filter, leaving the first layers un-blinded, which guarantees longer life.

Technical Data
Class according to DIN EN 779 F5    
Average arrestance % 95
Average atmospheric efficiency % 44.1
Initial pressure loss Pa 30
Recommend final pressure loss Pa 250
Dust holding capacity g/m² 274
Max. temperature allowed °C 100 (120)
Fire resistance (DIN 53438) F1  

Model: G1, G2 , G4 (floor filter)

Dry and adhesive fiber glass filter media - These mats are made of extremely fine, regular glass fibers, whose density increases from the air intake to clean air side. As a result of this progressive construction, which are the most important characteristic for high holding capacity of dust and paint for paint, spraying cabins and paint shops. It's available in 1", 2" and 4" thickness with standard roll form.