JESAIR started operations in the mid 90's, initially stepping into Trading and Contracting sector.

The development of the construction sector in Lebanon, which is an inseparable part of the socio-cultural and socio-economic structure of Middle East, has been the prime reason urged Mr. Elie J. Abdo to establish JesAir.

JesAir is trying to satisfy all the requirements that can be thought of air conditioning market through her experience.

Durable consumer Items sector is another field where JesAir made her name known in Middle East Countries, in the beginning of ninety one, through her production of AIR FILTERS + A/C Accessories. JesAir is carrying the honor of raising her product quality to point that is taken as reference by others through her successful endeavors, in this field.

JesAir runs her activities through her own "KNOW - HOW" and cooperation with foreign companies and also through organized manpower with market experience and knowledge and powerful distribution fleet.

Future targets of JesAir, are basiclly set by market researches and the requirements of the sector and are continuously adjusted to lead the demand.

Elie J. Abdo